Thursday, April 22, 2010

Year 1 Booklist - Revised

Out of Date, but kept for people that would prefer to use the old plan. New plan here

This is the revised Year 1 booklist for Maple Hill Academy. The older booklist is still available.

Term numbers will be denoted by the number before the title as such: (1) Bookname. If there are no term numbers, the book is used for the entire term. (or has not been determined)
* denotes the book/resource is for the parent (at least mostly)
(note - links need to be checked...)

Family Rotation using Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures
Scripture Memorizations
Reading from Church Magazines
Singing Primary Song (Select 1 per month. Can also sing in Foreign Language or ASL)

Mathmatics Enhancement Programme - Year 1
Reading Instruction (as needed)
*Teach your child to read in Just 10 minutes a day - Sidney Ledson. (or other phonics)
Dick and Jane Primers/Readers
(1)Primer - Harriette Taylor Treadwell
(1)First Reader - Harriette Taylor Treadwell


* Handbook of Nature Study - Anna Botsford Comstock - used for several years. 1911 version available here
* Wild Days - Karen Radcliffe
* Pocket Full of Pinecones - Karen Andereola
(1) Peter Cottontail by Thornton Burgess (download available...)
(2) Reddy Fox by Thornton Burgess (download available...)
(3) Christian Nature Reader Book by Julia Write
James Herriot's Treasury for Children - James Herriot (delightful as an audiobook!)

History - Family
Learn about Mom and Dad, events they remember, places they lived, etc.

History - Canada
A Pioneer Story - Barbara Greenwood
A Child's History of the Life of Christopher Columbus by Josephine Pollard

History - World
(1,2) 50 Famous Stories Retold - James Baldwin (selected chapters)
(2,3) Viking Tales - Jeannie Hall - Part 1, chapters 1-11
Family World History Rotation

General Map Reading skills using map of the city
(1)Childcraft, "World and Space" - chapter "Where in the World?" (if available to you.) - or find some basic map reading information.
(1) Overview of 7 continents and the Oceans
(1,2,3) Paddle to the Sea - Holling (Start after the Childcraft Reading)

(1,2) Cursive First
(3)Simple Copywork

(Read one poem a day - memorize 1 each term)
(1) A children's Garden of Verses - by Robert Louis Stevenson
(2) Now We are Six - A.A. Milne
(2) When we were very young - A.A. Milne
(3) Oxford Book of Children's Verse [if Available - very expensive] or other poem book

Read Aloud Literature
Aesop for Children - Milo Winter (selected stories)
Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling
The Blue Fairy Book - Andrew Lang (selected stories)

(Suggested to be read by student alone and narrated - however if student is not ready, you may do joint reading, or just read to them.)
(1) Boxcar Children - by Gertrude Warner
(2) Follow My Leader - James Garfield
(3) Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi [might go over into your break between years....]

Canadian Literature
(1)Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt - Barbara Smucker
(2)A Fiddle for Angus - Budge Wilson

Additional Literature
(No narrations are required - can be family reads, or read during spare time.)
King of the Golden River - John Ruskin
The Red Fairy Book - Andrew Lang (Select stories - select number based on child's enjoyment)
The Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams
Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder
St. George and the Dragon - Margaret Hodges
The Cricket in Times Square - George Selden and Garth Williams
(others to be added)


Family Rotation
(using Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare - Edith Nesbit)

Draw Write Now 4-8 (or 1-4 if you haven't done them)
1-2-3 Draw books by Freddie Levin - pick 3 or 4,
Drawing with Children
Basic Observation Drawing - some resources

Picture Study

some info
Family Rotation

will vary due to interest... suggestions (for both boys and girls)
Plastic Canvas
Spool Knitting
Bead Buddies
Rug Hooking
Woodworking (free days at many renovation stores)

(read how-to) [note this How-to is on Milestones Academy]
Recommended - Violin, Piano OR Recorder (inexpensive) OR other similar instruments
Suzuki Violin [we do this with an instructor ]
My First Piano Adventures - taught by parent - Information and Video Lesson Guide here!
Suzuki Piano - taught by parent (combined with My First Piano Adventures)
option for a very inexpensive music alternative, or for the parent that is too uncomfortable trying to teach something like Piano keeping just a few lessons ahead...

Nine-Note Recorder method [note, we haven't tried this yet]
Similar instruction in another instrument. (ie, Suzuki Cello)

Foreign Language - German (make similar choices for your language)
(why German)

First Step auf Deutsch (Note, this is available in French and Spanish too)
Teach Me German 1 & 2 (Teach Me Tapes Inc) (I believe available in French and Spanish)
Find 3 German books with Audio Tapes
Optional: Practice Primary song of the month in German

(3)My Very First Little German Book
Alternate choices - French, Spanish, or other desired.

Polite Moments - Gary Maldaner (Last section of book)

(extra badges may be worked on as desired)
Otters - Blue Paw (Activity)
Otters - Red Paw (Helping)
Otters - Tan Paw (Handicraft)
Otters - Safety Badge
(note - your Otter should plant a tree and look after it this year for the Green Paw)


  1. I"m so glad you made this your own. You are a wonderful mother for homeschooling your children so diligently. I'm smiling for you.

  2. Thanks Kate.

    I almost feel guilty as so much of this is from Milestones Academy, and I think the Year 2 will be even more so!

    I've mainly made this blog to give me a place to write things as I've figured it out, as well as to help other people working on this too.

    All that you have done (and still do) has been such a guide to me, I am sure we would be struggling a LOT more.