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Year 2 Booklist

[updated 25 July 2010]

This is the Year 2 booklist for Maple Hill Academy. Thanks to all the sites and curriculums that I have used as a base to form this list!

Term numbers will be denoted by the number before the title as such: (1) Bookname. If there are no term numbers, the book is used for the entire term. (or has not been determined)
* denotes the book/resource is for the parent (at least mostly)

(note - links need to be checked...)
Family Rotation using Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures
Scripture Memorizations
Reading from Church Magazines
Singing Primary Song (Select 1 per month. Can also sing in Foreign Language or ASL)

Mathmatics Enhancement Programme - Year 2 (or appropriate level for your child)

Reading Instruction (as needed)
see Year 1 list, and how to articles

If your child does not yet read fluently, be patient. Read books aloud as needed, and do buddy reading (where you each take a turn).


* Handbook of Nature Study - Anna Botsford Comstock - used for several years. 1911 version available here
* Wild Days - Karen Radcliffe
* Pocket Full of Pinecones - Karen Andereola

(1,2) Burgess Bird Book for Children (download available...)
extra resource -
(3) Pagoo - Holling C. Holling
Christian Nature Reader Books 2 & 3 by Julia Write
Family Science Rotation

History - Family
Learn about Grandparents, events they remember, places they lived, etc.
(if a Grandparent is not available due to death or other reason, the parent should share any rememberances, pictures, etc)

History - Canada
Great Canadian LIves: Portraits in Heroism to 1867 (Chapters 1-3) - Karen Ford, Janet MacLean, Barry Wansbrough
(stop at "The Colony at Peace" - this gives about 60 portraits to do over the 36 weeks of school)

My First History of Canada - By Donalda Dickie & Rudiger Krause (Chapters 1-9)
(Note, read the 2 history books together, so you are covering the same time periods together)...

History - World
(1) Thirty More Famous Stories Retold - James Baldwin (available as download)
(2,3) Fifty Famous People - James Baldwin
Family World History Rotation

General Map Reading skills using map of our city (if child hasn't done it yet)
(1,2)Tree in the Trail - Holling C. Holling
(2,3)Seabird - Holling C. Holling
Locate History and (if appropriate) Literature locations on Map
Family Geography Rotation

Cursive First or similar program if child hasn't learned cursive

Simple Copywork - select short passages from current literature books or scriptures. At least a few should be chosen by the student.

(Read one poem a day - memorize 1 each term)

Note that these choices are also used in Year 1. Pick poems that were missed the first time, or favourites - or see alternative option below, or select your own choice of poems.

(1) A children's Garden of Verses - by Robert Louis Stevenson
(2) Now We are Six - A.A. Milne
(2) When we were very young - A.A. Milne
(3) Oxford Book of Children's Verse [if Available - very expensive] or other poem book


To Be Determined

Read Aloud Literature
Pilgrim's Progress: Book 1, Christian's Journey (audio book available)
Any books under Literature that the student will not be able to read on their own

(Suggested to be read by student alone and narrated)
Beginning or Slower readers, choose fewer of selections and read less per day - do the others as read-alouds. Buddy Reading is also a possibility (where you take turns reading)

(1) Understood Betsy - Dorothy Canfield Fisher (download available)
(1) Five Little Peppers and How They Grew - Margaret Sidney (download available)
(1) Charlotte's Web - E. B. White
(2) The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame (download available)
(2) A Bear Called Paddington - Michael Bond
(2) The Story of Doctor Doolittle - Hugh Lofting (download available)
(3) Stewart Little - E. B. White
(3) Levi's Life - Kathryn Louis
(3) Just David OR Pollyanna - Eleanor Porter (download available)

Canadian Literature
Canadian Wonder Tales - Macmilliam

Additional Literature
(No narrations are required - can be family reads, or read during spare time.)

Pied Piper of Hamlin - Robert Browning (download available)
Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales (download available)
Farmer Boy - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Homer Price - Robert McCloskey
Sarah Plain and Tall - Patricia MacLachlan
Skylark - Patricia MacLachlan
Little House on the Prairie - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Family Rotation
(using Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare - Edith Nesbit)


To Be Determined

Basic Observation Drawing - some resources

Picture Study
some info
Family Rotation

will vary due to interest... suggestions (for both boys and girls)

Any from Year 1 (continue any that interest the student!)
Sew on Buttons, Simple Hemming
Simple Needlework
Woodworking (free days at many renovation stores)

(read how-to) [note this How-to is on Milestones Academy]
Recommended - Violin, Piano OR Recorder (inexpensive) OR other similar instruments

Suzuki Violin [we do this with an instructor ]

Suzuki Piano - taught by parent (combined with the following)
continue My First Piano Adventures, or if finished, move to Piano Adventures, appropriate level

if just starting Piano
use Primer Level of Piano Adventures (Note, you will need the 4 main books!) Use the Online Teacher's Guide!

option for a very inexpensive music alternative, or for the parent that is too uncomfortable trying to teach something like Piano keeping just a few lessons ahead...

Nine-Note Recorder method [note, we haven't tried this yet]
You can do the "Beyond Nine-Note" book too if you get to this point.


Similar instruction in another instrument. (ie, Suzuki Cello)

Foreign Language - German (make similar choices for your language)
If just starting, see Year 1...
(why German)

First Step auf Deutsch (Note, this is available in French and Spanish too) - continue where you left off, or review
Find 3 German story books with Audio Tapes
Transcribe Sentences from the German books
Translate small passages into English orally
Find more German songs online
Optional: Practice Primary song of the month in German

Polite Moments - Gary Maldaner (selected sections)

(extra badges may be worked on as desired)

complete any badges not finished in Year 1
Otters - Green Paw (Nature) -note, plant your tree right away if you didn't in year 1!
Otters - Service Badge
Otters - Swimming Otter Badge (kind of a graduation badge)

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